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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Four Star Accomodations?

On our trip to Thanksgiving Vegas '06, we stopped over in a town called Baker. In this town we spied this motel...

Not sure which is more WTF, the name of the establishment or the motel mascot's... er... uh... "arrow" thingy. LOL!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Chain Gang (F. A. S. - Honoray Entry)

Technically this doesn't really count as a legit entry into the F.A.S. series but the end result was sooo damn funny that it had to be given special consideration...

Backstory... we had just finished dinner at a local restaurant and a bunch of us were getting ready to hit up a downtown nightclub. However we were waiting on one more member of the party, who couldn't make dinner, to join us before heading out. Instead of opting ot chill at home and wait, we decided to hang out at a nearby Target store to pass some time.

As lame as that sounds or has the capacity of being, we stumbled upon the section of the store that had their Halloween stuff up (costumes, decorations, candies, etc...) and that's when it really picked up. In this Halloween section we found a really, large, realistic-looking chain (for ghoul chains or ghost chains perhaps?) and then we had the inspiration to do this...

Truly classic!! LMAO!!!!!!

Now hopefully none of you ultra-conservative types will get your panties all up in a bunch over this... if so, too bad, chill out... its all in good fun. :)

So now, this got me to thinking about expanding this to include some audience (read: you guys and gals) participation.

Taking a cue from my good pal Ben at, here is the same pic with some comic-book style dialogue/caption bubbles I've thrown on top of it. It'd be funny to see what kind of dialogue y'all can come up with given this setup...

A sample dialogue offering would go something like this:

- Fellow's Dialogue: "Pay up b!tch! You don't want this backhand!!!"
- Dude's Dialogue: "I said GOLD chain! I want my money back!"

So there you go... have at it folks. Let see what some of you come up with...

The purpose is to have some fun with this so all I ask is to please refrain from using overtly, offensive language (offensive ones will be deleted immediately).

Have fun!! :)

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Eat Something Man!

Spotted this wirey chap at a local mall. Wow... Are those pants painted on?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Leaving with Style

Billed as his last foray into the epic martial arts movie genre, "Jet Li's Fearless" sure is a helluva send off one could have as one's "swan song."

Saw "Fearless" and I must say that it was an excellent movie. Yuen Wo Ping's (Unleashed) fight choreography was top notch (as you would expect) and the story was equally up to task. Based on the true life story of Huo Yuanjia, lengendary martial artist of 20th Century China, "Fearless" follows Jet Li in the lead role of Yuanjia. The story follows Yuanjia from his stubborn-headed childhood to his turbulent adulthood. Forced to deal with a personal tragedy that was partly of his doing, Yuanjia leaves the life he knows and soon is near-death from his grief and shame. Fortuitously, he stumbles into an idyllic world unlike his previous one where he mends his soul and heart over a period of several years while coming to terms with the senseless brutality of martial arts and his place in it as well as his past.

The rest of the story finds Yuanjia re-joining society as he strives to instill his new beliefs and make ammends for his past. As fate would have it, China has come under foreign rule and influence during his absence. Humiliated, lauded, and jeered as the "sick man of Asia," the Chinese people are look upon as a weak race and one that should be subjugated. To further illustrate this point and to further weaken the Chinese people's resolve, ruling members from the various major occupying powers (Britain, Belgium, Spain, and Japan) have concocted a martial arts tournament pitting China's best fighter against each of their best fighters... essentially a 4-on-1 handicap tournament. Unfazed by these formidable and obviously unfair odds, Yuanjia enters the tournament as he fights for the pride of his nation.

The cinematography of the film, especially the fighting sequences were done very well. Shot to capture and accentuate every fearsome punch and every brutal kick, the camera work, editing, sound effects, and overall visual/audial package of "Fearless" does a very good job of presenting its subject matter. The scenery used throughout the film are just awe-inspiring, especially when Yuanjia is away on his "sabbatical."

After watching "Fearless," I can't imagine that Jet Li's decision to leave the epic martial arts genre would have anything to do based on his skills or even a fear of his skills deteriorating. His technqiue, speed, timing, and precision are still top-notch which would lead me to believe that Jet Li is ready to move onto other roles in an effort to expand his filmography resume. To that end, I hope he achieves his goals and wish him luck. I can't say that I won't miss him in these tradition martial art roles that made him famous and are his hallmark, but at least its nice to know that he left us with a splendid parting gift in "Fearless"

If you are at all into Jet Li or dig on Hong Kong cinema, then do yourself a favor and catch "Jet Li's Fearless."

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Cinematic Black Eye...

Man oh man...

Saw "The Black Dahila" this weekend and damn that movie sucked!!

I found the movie's plot and story very difficult to follow. It was convoluted and all over the place to point that I stopped trying to make out the story and stopped paying attention to what was being offered onscreen.

What's worse is that for a movie that is supposedly a drama-suspense/thriller, there were several scenes throughout that came off playing inappropriately and unintentionally humorous (definitely not the desired reaction you'd want from the audience for an intendedly more dramatic movie). The narration throughout the film undeniably contributed to this inadvertent tinge of humor. Trying to sound serious and official, the narration just came off cheesy, campy, and contrived in tone.

Not even Scarlett Johansson's fine-ass looking self could detract me enough to forget how bad this movie was while watching it. With a run time of 2 hours, this movie was half an hour too long (maybe even 45 minutes too long) to wade and suffer through. Definitely not one of director Brian de Palma's better cinematic forays.

In many ways, "Black Dahlia" reminded me a lot of "The Untouchables" in that it was a movie whose subject matter demanded a more serious tone but whose end result came off feeling aloof and frivolous (that's not to say that The Untouchables wasn't a good movie but I've always felt The Untouchables was flawed in so many ways that it should have been soo much better than it was... but I digress...). I can't help but feel that I would have enjoyed the movie a tiny bit more if it were presented in a more solemn manner (even with the hard to follow story).

As it is, "The Black Dahila" (or as I will call it from now on, "The Black Diarrhea") is plain out crap. I'd say wait for it on HBO/Showtime/Cinemax or maybe even TNT or the Comedy Channel and save your money...
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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Comfortable Ammenities (F. A. S.)

We Got Room Keys!

"So if you wanna come to my hotel, all you gotta do is holler at me. 'Cuz we're having an after party, checkin' out 6 in the mornin' "
- R. Kelly

Had gone to Tijuana a while back.

Amid the din of tequila, street vendor churros, aggressive store vendors on Revolucion, and donkey shows, I saw this establishment during our visit.

Wow... I'm wondering what they leave on your blankets when they turn your bed over? That must be one tasty chocolate mint! Yum yummy! ;)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

F. A. S. (New Series)

Decided to start up a new series entitled "F. A. S." (stands for Funny @$$ $h!t) where shots of random stuff I see while out and about in the world that I find funny and amusing will be posted here. These things can range from anything remotely sexual in nature (but probably unintended) to anything just plain out bizarre and/or humorous.
And now here is the first entry in what I hope will be an entertaining and content-laden series...
Bringing 'Em To Their Knees!

Saw this at one of those hotdog eateries you find at a mall food court.

Talk about subliminal advertising... this poster is plain out, overtly suggestive! LOL!

Uh... hold the mustard... Please!!